• Creativity - Passion drives creativity, which stimulates innovation and adds value.
• Excellence - Excellence is the most effective strategy.
• Sustainability - Developing a healthy infrastructure creates a healthy environment.
• Service - Giving is the lifeline of a sustainable strategy.
• Opportunity -Everyone has and can add value. We support giving aid and voice to those that have yet to develop the capacity to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Mingus Communications provides high-quality tools and services that facilitate their prosperity and galvanize their highest ideals. At the heart of our mission is the belief that authentic, focused communication activates human potential and fosters cooperative passion. Through our creative use of media and networks of industry professionals, members of the Mingus community reach beyond common endeavors and into better ways of doing business.

At Mingus Communications, we believe that everyone has a contribution to make to the greater good--an idea that can launch a spaceship or feed a continent. We encourage those ideas and create environments in which they can take root. We develop better ways of communicating that foster better understanding and bring focus to the passion that drives us all. Mingus fosters harmony in our community to allow every business, every organization and every individual the opportunity to live up to their fullest potential.

Our values guide and determine the partners we choose, the types of programs we build, and the way we guide and manage the communications process.

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